Healing Stones Sacred Art

My pieces are a meditation. As I work on them, they work on me.


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Wednesday 24 November 2010


Many things make me cry:                               
Reading the news for example,
what cruel god wipes us out by the tens,
dozens, and hundreds, painfully one by one?
Is that to keep the numbers down?
Is that to remind us that life and death;
good and evil,
are one and walk hand in hand?
I cry because of what I have lost,
because of what I have done...
or  havenot done
for what I will or will not have
Then I descend to the depths
since the surface is so choppy
and there I find a seed,
something to treasure,
something to make my heart smile:
This Moment! What else do I have?

Smokie quartz with wood, acai seeds and brass finish metal on clon cord.
Three option necklace.

Thursday 18 November 2010


Swarowsky pendant (5cm.) and Swarowsky beads on CLon cord
We were made to respond to beauty and harmony.
Before them, we cannot help feeling moved.
They fill our heart with pure, unadulterated Joy.

Nothing makes me happier than to
Play music and let it guide my hand.
Cut some lengths of cord; choose a crystal
And allow myself to be surprised!


Golden Star

Swarowsky crystal pendand, 28mm. With Swarowsky beads.

Swarowsky heart (2cm epprox) with Hill Tribe silver beads and sterling silver hook at back; on CLon cord