Healing Stones Sacred Art

My pieces are a meditation. As I work on them, they work on me.


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Monday 3 September 2012


Mexican tin-work heart lockets. Available in blue or red. Mounted on woven chain (red and green and blue and black) with mexican pewtr beads. £40.00

Friday 31 August 2012

Long necklace with silver Hamsas, and gems

Long necklace that can go round once to make a shorter, double necklace. Hamsas are about 1.5cm long and are marked 925 silver at back. Woven with fresh water pearls; silver tube beads and beautiful multicoloured Tourmaline beads. £70.00

Pink Pearls and Sterling silver bracelet

Fresh water died pink pearls and sterling silver beads with hallmarked sterling silver clasp. £25.00

Copper and Gems bracelts series

Copper beads and Amethyst; Carnelian; Peridot and Citrine beads with copper toggle. £20.00
Copper beads and Jade beads with copper toggle. £22.00

Copper beads and Moss Agate beads with copper toggle. £22.00

Autumn man's bracelet

Hill Tribe silver beads and Carnelian beads with Hill Tribe silver toggle. £40

Friday 10 August 2012

Carnelian and fresh water pearl necklace

Absolutely beautiful and magical necklace, made with Carnelian beads and fresh water pearls. It ends with a heart on one side and a key on the other (what happens when the two ends meet?!). This is very fine and special piece. £65.00

Fluorite and Mexican silver plated copper necklace

Gorgeous large Fluorite beads and Mexican silver plated copper beads, form this Caribbean sea inspired, long necklace. £45.00

Sterling Silver of Bracelet Trio

Large(8mm) sterling silver beads on CLon cord, with sterling silver,hallmarked clasp. £22.50 each. Two for £42.00 and all three for £60.00         

Brass bracelet duo

Waxed linen with brass beads £15.00- Waxed linen with Carnelian and coconut beads and Made with Love heart £7.00- Both for £20.00

Thursday 5 July 2012

Triple Sterling Silver Bracelets.

These Triple Sterling Silver bracelets are available in a wide variety of colours. They are hand-woven using 4mm, tarnish resistant, sterling silver beads and a hallmarked sterling  silver clasp. Please refer  to colour chart to choose your favourite colour or  just ask me. As usual, I will be delighted to make one specially for you!

Monday 14 May 2012

Hill Tribe Silver bracelets, Summer 2012

These chunky bracelets for Her(right) and for Him(left) are woven with Hill Tribe silver beads.


  His is made with brown waxed cotton and closes with  a hall marked sterling silver clasp.

Hers is made with Black and silver colour  CLon cord and closes with a Hill Tribe silver clasp.

Both these bracelets cost £25.00 each.

Thursday 26 April 2012


I sit at the gates of heaven and hell
The balance is delicate, fine, quite an Art!
I don’t need to go far,
my foes and my angels
are always with me.
Awake sentinel!
Warrior Soul
know me frail.
Take good care of me.
Jasper pendant with brass beads on waxed linen.


Saturday 31 March 2012

Thursday 16 February 2012

Art Wear, Amber and Silver Bracelet

This striking bracelet is part of my Art Wear collection, which means that you can wear it as well as use it as a decorative piece. It fastens and also hangs into the slice of eucaliptus wood, by a system of sterling silver hooks and rings. More details on bracelet below...

This one-of-a-kind bracelet is truly unique. It features a piece of Amber mounted on sterling silver at the centre. It is woven in cream and brown cord with sterling silver beads. It fastens with three small invisible, sterling silver hooks. £ 80.00

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Labradorite and Glass Necklace

This classic necklace is made with Labradorite disk beads and glass beads. It closes with a copper clasp. £20.00

Peaceful Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets are very special. While I work with semiprecious stones I feel particularly centered, happy and at peace. Semiprecious stones are not only beautiful to look at, they reach into our very souls.This one is made with Citrine and Amethyst beads, on cream colour cord. £15.00

Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and  Carnelian beadswith Sterling Silver beads. £18.00

Chrysotine beads with copper finish beads. The varying green tones of this striking bracelet are absolutely mesmerising! £15.00

Friday 27 January 2012

Talking Bracelets

This bracelets proves that simplicity is beautiful. Will be available in a variety of colours (refer to colour chart page to choose your own).  Watch this space for variations, or create your own! Tell your own story.

Amethyst colour cord with lavender edge. Sterling silver bead and clasp.  £15.00
Bright green cord and olive green edge with three Swarovsky crystals and copper finish clasp. £15.00

Brown cord with copper finish beads adn clasp. £15.00

Dark blue cord with lighter blue edge. Sterling silver bead and silver plated clasp. £15.00

Bright red cord with dark edge. One Moss Agate bead adn one Swarovsky crystal black bead. £15.00
Black cord with drak red edge. With two Mahogany Obsidian beads and copper finish clasp. £15.00

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bird Song

The New Year arrives with new beginnings; promises of renewed life lie dormant still . A rumour runs beneath the apparently silent surface of Winter as Earth’s bounty awaits the moment to take our senses by surprise! 

I wove inside these lovely brass effect frames with bird,to hang crystal or semiprecious beads.
Above: Robin(right) and Sparrow(left) with crystal beads £20.00

Colourful Bird with Moss Agate and Amethyst fasceted beads £25.00

Rosario de Amor - Rosary of Love

Times are rolling fast and strong; I sense a tremendous life force!
This gorgeous piece made with Chrysotine and crystal beads can be worn as a one strand, long necklace or wrapped round so it forms a double strand. £50.00