Healing Stones Sacred Art

My pieces are a meditation. As I work on them, they work on me.


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Friday 31 August 2012

Long necklace with silver Hamsas, and gems

Long necklace that can go round once to make a shorter, double necklace. Hamsas are about 1.5cm long and are marked 925 silver at back. Woven with fresh water pearls; silver tube beads and beautiful multicoloured Tourmaline beads. £70.00

Pink Pearls and Sterling silver bracelet

Fresh water died pink pearls and sterling silver beads with hallmarked sterling silver clasp. £25.00

Copper and Gems bracelts series

Copper beads and Amethyst; Carnelian; Peridot and Citrine beads with copper toggle. £20.00
Copper beads and Jade beads with copper toggle. £22.00

Copper beads and Moss Agate beads with copper toggle. £22.00

Autumn man's bracelet

Hill Tribe silver beads and Carnelian beads with Hill Tribe silver toggle. £40

Friday 10 August 2012

Carnelian and fresh water pearl necklace

Absolutely beautiful and magical necklace, made with Carnelian beads and fresh water pearls. It ends with a heart on one side and a key on the other (what happens when the two ends meet?!). This is very fine and special piece. £65.00

Fluorite and Mexican silver plated copper necklace

Gorgeous large Fluorite beads and Mexican silver plated copper beads, form this Caribbean sea inspired, long necklace. £45.00

Sterling Silver of Bracelet Trio

Large(8mm) sterling silver beads on CLon cord, with sterling silver,hallmarked clasp. £22.50 each. Two for £42.00 and all three for £60.00         

Brass bracelet duo

Waxed linen with brass beads £15.00- Waxed linen with Carnelian and coconut beads and Made with Love heart £7.00- Both for £20.00