Healing Stones Sacred Art

My pieces are a meditation. As I work on them, they work on me.


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Thursday 16 July 2015


I feel drawn to yellow and purple like a bee.
The other afternoon while walking in the meadow, I realised my impulse to use those colours comes from what I see every day.
I have been wondering about the colours of my next pendant and as I write, come to my mind the golds and yellows, pinks and greens, white and purple of last evening in the fields.
It has been such a joy working with waxed linen, precious as a metal; I imagine linen could have been the currency of some remote civilisation; or what the Huichol Indians fingers must feel when working on their colourful tablets; thread and wax again, a sacred mixture.
Waxed linen is not easy to get in England although it is made with Irish linen; the only place that produces the quality and variety of colours is the US, so one has to import it and often pay import tax, so it is not cheap. I managed to get a few yards of thirty six different colours recently and I treasure them more than any other material in my workshop, more than the beautiful hammered Thai silver, or the semiprecious stone beads, because it is so difficult to get it.
The waxed cords are like the finest strands of clay, which when they embrace, colours weave into each other magically. I am a constantly surprised observer and creator both at once, as knot by knot I see the figures emerge. Working with waxed linen gives me, as I imagine sculpting, or colouring, or doing pottery must give, a very sensual joy.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

NO HAY MAYOR ALEGRIA QUE LA ARTESANIA! (There is no greater joy than this)

Stuff lined up for Summer: woven men's bracelets with sterling silver and buffalo bone beads; women's sterling silver and buffalo bone bracelet; woven earrings with Hill Tribe solid silver sticks and sterling silver earwires; woven waxed linen earrings with filled gold earwires.

Tuesday 7 July 2015


 Charcoal; olive green and brilliant red nylon cord with hand carved Buffalo bone beads from India .It closes with a slide and lock sterling silver clasp(stamp on head).
It is lined with forest green suede.
8" long