Healing Stones Sacred Art

My pieces are a meditation. As I work on them, they work on me.


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Friday 9 December 2011

El Corazon Ve 2 - The Heart Can See-

Hanging piece with Mexican ‘milagrito’ heart and set of eyes. Mounted on ring with large Ruby in zoizite beads and Choloque beads from the Amazon.

Hope Song

While I was making this choker, I had the impression that I was drawing notes into a pentagram, as I placed the doves and the butterflies over the cords. Worn as a choker, doves resting over the throat, it might inspire the wearer a renewed song of hope! 

Kiungsuk 2

This fiery necklace features a Carnelian drop and Carnelian beads. 

Made by commission, not for sale

Saturday 3 December 2011

Made with Love bracelets

This is a very pretty bracelet made with Carnelian;Peridot;Citrine and Amethyst beads. The two intertwined strands give it a romantic feel. £18.00

This is a striking bracelet made with fasceted Smokey Quartz. As it catches the light it casts truly magical relflections. £10.00
Powerful Tiger Eye bids, over one centimetre large, make this an imposing bracelet, with copper and gold tones that bring it alive. £20.00

Thursday 24 November 2011

WISDOM- Poem For My Mother...

This is a hanging piece, I made for my mother's eightieth birthday. I also call it 'Poem For My Mother With Eighty Silver Beads'. It features a Labradorite stone at the centre, which is my mother's favourite gem; she finds it fascinating and mysterious. The whole piece is full of meaning and symbols that would cease to be if I attetmpt to explain them here, so I leave it open to your imagination...


This is a mysterious necklace! It is one of those pieces that are a personal journey. An emotionally envolved journey where I embrak enthusiastically, then after moments of darkness, and seeking, and despair while trying to work out how to proceed, order returns and I can see the solution. When I work on pieces such as this, I get the feeling that they are being dictated to me from somewhere else; they don't come quite from ME. And when I see the final result they still surprise me, like they have a life of their own which I can only grasp intuitively. I cannot possibly price this piece. It will remain in my collection. Made with carnelian and Citrine beads. At the centre of the pendant: a Choloque seed from the Amazon.


This unique, dramatic necklace, follows from the previous one. It is to AUTUMN what a photograph is to a negative. features a Carnelian pendant and carnelian beads. £60.00

Thursday 3 November 2011

Semiprecious stones necklace

One of a kind semiprecious stone necklace. This unique necklace features a Mexican aluminium pendant. The chain is woven in black cord with Citrine,Amethyst,Peridot, Carnelian and fresh water pearls. It fits over the head and is adjustable by pulling the strings. Three sterling silver beads finish off this fine piece. £40.00

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Love Seeds

Strawberry quartz crystal, Acai seeds, CLon cord, and hard wood chop stick 15"x3"